UPS shows why it’s not the USPS

When it comes to running a real business, or a “business” run by bureaucrats with an open checkbook, UPS shows why capitalism wins.

UPS booted 250 of its unionized drivers from its Maspeth facility, because they walked off the job for 90 minutes on Feb. 26 to protest the dismissal of a long-time employee. 

What? UPS is not supposed to fire people?

The union is pissed, because they see no problem with walking off one of the best jobs on the planet. For the union, a show of solidarity for a decision that had nothing to do with the union or those workers took precedence over doing one’s job!

Tim Sylvester, head of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 804 is mad at UPS, because UPS get perks from the city, and the union made that happen. No, the perks didn’t come from the hundred, if not thousands of employees that UPS employs and what that brings to the city.

United Parcel Service has a contract worth $43 million to provide delivery services to city and state agencies, but that has nothing to do with UPS’ business practices and only because UPS agrees to NEVER FIRE ANYBODY…at least not anybody union.

UPS is also enrolled part of a Department of Finance program that alleviates millions  on fines and fees for parking tickets annually.

UPS confirmed that it participates in the city program, but refused to say how much the stipulated fine program saved the company. However we do know that city data from 2006 shows UPS paid nearly $20 million in parking fines that year. That amount was reduced to $1 million a quarter for parking fines in 2013, after Mayor Bloomberg created the stipulated-fine program, according to published reports.

That’s exactly what cities are supposed to do to encourage capitalists to put their companies there. UPS has a function, a job to do. They pay a ton of taxes to NY and to the Fed, while providing employment for thousands.

Final note, UPS will replace the 250 drivers with union drivers, so no harm no foul. Perhaps this is a lesson to the union that they are paid to work and not protest.

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