Obama’s income WAY down, so why is he still laughing?

Lucky for Obama his popularity is not measured in his income. If you think his poll numbers are dropping, take a look at his income.

According the Obama’s 2013 tax returns, his self-employment income from his three books plummeted from $258,722 in 2012 to $104,000 in 2013. His total taxable income for the year was $333,329.

Take a look at Obama’s income over the past few years:

  • 2009: $5.5 million
  • 2010 $1.73 million
  • 2011 $790,000
  • 2012  $608,611
  • 2013 $481,098

Talk about a fall from grace. At this pace, this negro will be applying for a SNAP card in a few weeks!

Lucky for the Obama’s, they have the taxpayers to make up the difference. How else could the Obama’s take $100 million in vacations on that kind of cheddar…that’s serious budgeting!

Talk about spending one’s way out of debt. Or is it redistribution of income.

Actually, it’s taking advantage of the American taxpayer.



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