What’s your favorite April’s Fool headline?

In celebration of April Fool’s, aka Obama Appreciation Day, I decided to come up with a few titles for possible April Fool’s jokes.

Let me know your thoughts in comments, and I will read a few of these on my radio show today.

  • ObamaCare enrollment reaches 6M
  • Flight MH370 found in [insert terrorist Muslim country here]
  • Obama releases his college transcripts…A+ student
  • Real unemployment under 7 percent
  • New Snowden NSA leak: Biden declared fit for presidency
  • Iran says nuclear program all about going “green”
  • Fast and Furious is just a movie about cars
  • Obama sanctions new GM marketing plan: Cash for Clunkers…and Suckers
  • Jesse Jackson Jr released from prison; will run for Senate in Nov 2014
  • Hillary Clinton admits to helping kill the American economy
  • Obama renews commitment to “transparency”
  • Obama announces the date when America will have finally spent its way out of debt

What say you?


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