THE most amazing sportsmanship I’ve seen

I compare this act of sportsmanship to what America did after bombing Japan. Despite what Liberals tell you, America is merciful. I think about how dominant we could have been, yet we have shown restraint. That is why the video of this kid is extraordinary to me.

I suspect this kid is first generation American. My bet is his parents did all they could to get to this country (legally) and taught their son about work ethic and not to squander the opportunity. I know many of these first generation immigrants, and I recognize the traits in this kid.

As a fighter, I can tell you that this kid is one of the best amateurs I have seen. His technique is almost flawless. You will see that he is obviously over-matched for his opponent, who would rather be anywhere but in that ring. This is why what this kid does is so amazing.

To recognize that this was not a paid fight, and that his opponent had no chance and to show mercy tells me that this kid is destined for something big.
Congratulations to him for understanding that this “loss” is much bigger than the win.

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