Bill Maher leaks Leftist secret

 Bill Maher has told us something that most Leftists won’t admit. The Left has no real strategy, and they are DOOMED!

Hillary Clinton will NOT be the presidential candidate in 2016. This is not a blessing for the Right, because Hillary’s campaign would have imploded anyway. And the Left really has nobody waiting in the wings.

Behind the scenes, I believe the Left is scrambling to create a Plan B. But they have a bigger problem. A big half-black problem.

The Great Black Hope has proven to be the Great Black Dope.

The economy is in shambles, with massive real unemployment, massive debt, and a deficit that’s too big to fit in a moo moo.


America’s foreign policy is a joke, and that’s even when Obama pays people to like us.

Then there are all the “fake” scandals Obama, et al Liberals claim. IRS, media intimidation, Fast and Furious, the VA, and of course Benghazi.

Maher recently spoke with Larry King, and he said if the GOP really believes President Barack Obama is guilty of egregious crimes in regards to Benghazi, they should take swift action.

“I would like to challenge the Republicans. If Benghazi is as awful as they say it it, then isn’t it your obligation to impeach him?…And that would be great, because that would fire up the left wing base…So I’d like to see the impeachment go forward. I’d like to see them put their money where their mouth is.”

In other words, the Left NEEDS something to rally around. They have NOTHING!

These people are constantly saying that the Right offers no solutions, and truthfully the Republicans have nothing new. But allowing Obama’s policies to continue to implode has worked thus far.

What the Left needs if for the Right to take a misstep. The problem with Maher’s dare is that the Republicans are gaining more and more credibility in these “fake” scandals, as the polls indicate. I believe moderate Leftists are beginning to see Obama and his administration minions for what they are, liars. That will only get worse as more and more information continues to dribble out.

In other words, soon Obama’s blackness will no longer be his protective outer shell.

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