California protecting its black people

I’m not sure who sits around thinking of ways to protect black people, but what would we Negroes do without them?!

In this latest move, California has taken the historic step of protecting black people like no other state.

California is the first state to BAN the sale of Confederate flags.

Sure, other states have said they don’t like this flag, and have peed on the flag, spit on the flag, and even burned this flag. But California has taken the bold step of BANNING the sale of this most heinous flag. I can see the new Chamber of Commerce ads in California now:

Why go back to Africa, African-Americans, when California has made our state so safe for you by banning the Confederate flag. Get your black asses over here!”

With this new development, there is nothing stopping black people from enjoying the Sunshine State and working on our tans? You with me?!! I plan to lead the mass migration of the melanin-rich to the land of fruits, flakes and nuts to show my appreciation for this historic symbolic gesture. Further, I know I speak for all Negroes, Coloreds, Afro-Americans, blacks, African-Americans, and “Step-n-Fetchit” black Conservatives in saying , “Thank you, California!” Just the other day, I had a few black people over to the crib and we were all wondering when somebody was going to BAN that dang Confederate flag? We realize that the Confederate flag had nothing to do with slavery and is about Southern pride. But still that flag just irks us for some reason.

It’s important to black people that California and other moronic Liberals insult half the country–the South, for those Liberals having trouble keeping up with the sarcasm–in order to protect black people.

“I DO feel better about myself, now that California has banned the sale of the Confederate flag.” – said no sane black person ever.

There is a long list of “Things California can do for black people,” like

  • JOBS
  • Welfare dependency
  • More legit black businesses
  • Better schools
  • Graduation rates with real educations
  • Black on black crime
  • Incarceration rates
  • Family
  • Teenage pregnancy

The good news is at least California is working on the problems of blacks…from the bottom up.

I can only hope that the irony of this story is that the biggest manufacturer of Confederate flags is a black-owned company who sues California for racial profiling and discrimination of their company.

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