The Chrisleys and the Obamas: Reality Lies

Obama’s presidency is like a bad reality show, and this story about the Chrisleys is a perfect metaphor. First, the show is about glitz and glamour that really doesn’t exist. Chrisley filed for bankruptcy in 2012, has debts of $49.5 million with assets of only $3.5 million. I’d say this guy is selling his “reality,” about as well as Obama has.

According to GMA:

On the show, Chrisley claims to have an extensive closet in the family’s 30,000 square foot Atlanta mansion featured so prominently in the show.

“In a year we probably spend about $300,000, sometimes more, on clothing,” Chrisley says in one episode.

In the court documents, however, Chrisley estimates the value of his “wearing apparel” at $650.

According to Radar Online, Chrisley’s wardrobe has caused the bankruptcy filing to come into question after the trustee handling Chrisley’s case accused the reality star of failing to reveal the full contents of his designer wardrobe.

In a statement, Chrisley says the show is “an accurate representation of our life.”

Remember when there was a negative stigma with bankruptcy? Now it’s worn like a badge of honor.

It should go without saying that this guy is not rich at all. He’s living rich with other people’s money. But the part of the story that really got me going was, according to a reporter for People magazine, which first reported the story, the bankruptcy filing may not hurt the reality show’s ratings.

“As fun as it is to watch them spend lavishly, their personality is really what keeps viewers coming back,” said People’s Carlos Greer. “The fact that they may not appear to be who they really are, I don’t think it’s going to hurt ratings or keep people from watching.”

Can you believe this. A show that is supposed to showcase a millionaire living a lavish lifestyle is really about a scam artist…and it’s OK! In fact, the USA Network announced Monday it is renewing the show for a second season.

Does this remind you of Obama’s elections Part I and II?




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