Democrat Representative get schooled by Black GOP woman (video)

Democrats are silly, stupid creatures, as even when this state representative and Democrat candidate for governor in WI is getting FACTS from a black woman, Hulsey stills knows what’s best for black people.

Watch as Hulsey “explains” to this poor little Negro woman how he and his party–the Democratic Party of slavery and civil rights oppression–are better for blacks, and how those mean-spirited Republicans who freed the slaves are against racial profiling.



I’m convinced that we can swing any election, if we had more debates like this, and showcased just how condescending the Democrats are in dealing with minorities, particularly blacks.

Here is a bit of history on the Democrat who knows what’s best for black people, and these facts won’t surprise you.

Hulsey earned a B.A. in political economy from Middlebury College in 1982, and an M.S. in natural science from the University of Oklahoma in 1988. What the heck is “political economy?”
But Hulsey has used his “natural science” degree, as he is the owner of an energy and environmental consulting firm. That’s like saying “waste management,” in New Jersey, as the Democrats are using “green energy” as their payola to campaign supporters and contributors, in their latest taxpayer extortion racket.

But here is where Hulsey proves he’s a true Democrat.

He was issued a citation by Madison Police Department on July 12, 2012, for disorderly conduct for alleged inappropriate contact with a minor at a Spring Harbor Beach on Lake Mendota in the City of Madison, on July 4, 2012. Hulsey pled no contest to the charge in court on August 15, 2012.

Sure, alleged.

His wife of 19 years allegedly filed for divorce in February of 2013.

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