Don’t ban Sterling, ban Obama

Donald Sterling creates more black multi-millionaires in a year, than Barack Obama could create in TEN lifetimes, but Sterling is a pariah in the black community, as Obama is celebrated.

I’m amazed at how easily black Liberals can be baited, like Pavlov’s dogs ready to answer whenever the bell of racism is rung.

Barack Obama took time out of his busy schedule while in the Far East to make sure that he commented on how racist America is.

“The United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race and slavery and segregation, that’s still there, the vestiges of discrimination,”


How insulting to America, that its first black president, who could have only been elected with a white majority has the nerve to discuss the legacy of racism, the further irony being that it was his party who committed these atrocities.

Obama wants to be historic, yet rewrite history, practicing “selective nostalgia.” Obama constantly reminds Americans of our country’s greatness, then criticizes her in the next breath with not so subtle reminders of past failures. I believe he takes pride in reminding us about America at her worst.

Obama’s policies reflect that same yin-yang pathology, as he reminds us of the greatness of Lincoln, as he enslaves the country with more bureaucracy, and dictatorial tactics, like avoiding Congress. Obama discusses FDR, not as homage to overcoming the aggression of Hitler, but to remind us that things have been worse.

He recently honored racist LBJ, celebrating 50 years of the failure of The Great Society–$21+ trillion wasted dollars. Poor people, particularly blacks are worse off than they were before a nickel of that money was spent.

When Obama invokes the American spirit, it is in no way a celebration of the spirit that built the greatest country in the world, but more a showcase of what Obama believes is America’s arrogance. The only thing keeping America dominant is muscle memory from the many men and women who died, so that Obama could become president. If these men and women had known America would end up with a leader like Obama, would they have fought as hard?

Think of all the challenges we have overcome. A civil war, Reconstruction, the Great Depression of the 1930s, two world wars.

America showcased the American Spirit in the space race with the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 60s, and the erroneous predictions that Japan would replace the United States as the world’s super power in 1980s.

Though America was certainly out of shape when Obama arrived, he has undoubtedly hastened her atrophy in his quest for “his story.”

Liberals ask me what I expect of Obama. Well here’s my answer:

I expect Obama to recognize that America is the least racist country on the planet. – Kevin Jackson

Former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew recently said: “China can draw on a talent pool of 1.3 billion people, but the US can draw on the world’s 7 billion and can recombine them in a diverse culture that enhances creativity in a way that ethnic Han nationalism cannot.”

With 37.5 million immigrants currently living in the United States, it remains the top migrant destination in the world, according to the International Organization for Migration. Do you ever hear Obama touting this statistic in reference to the greatness of America, as a tribute to the mosaic of American culture?

Of course not.

When Obama speaks of immigration, he acts as if America oppresses immigrants, and through selective nostalgia forgets about the 37.5 million immigrants who are firmly part of the fabric of this nation. Immigrants like Susan and Mickey Tokowicz, the parents of Donald Sterling.

Donald Sterling the racist employed a black GM, Elgin Baylor and kept him around for 22 years, even though Baylor was wholly ineffective. Did anybody even know Los Angeles had two basketball teams, as the Clippers under Baylor were perennial underdogs.

Baylor worked for a man he later considered to be a racist for 22 years. Then when he was relieved of his job of accomplishing nothing, Baylor decided to sue the racist whose checks he happily cashed for all of those 22 years.

Here’s more proof of Donald Sterling’s racist behavior.

Sterling hired a black man, Doc Rivers as his coach in 2003, likely with a similar contract as Rivers had with the Celtics: 5-years $35 million or $7 million a year.

Donald Sterling has not ordered Rivers not to recruit black players, as the Clippers’ roster currently has 14 players, all but two of whom are black.

Let me put it this way:

If Donald Sterling is a racist, he sucks at it, at least when it comes to the business of running the Clippers.

Obama’s record on race is not quite as sterling, pun intended.

Obama has presided over the worst economic times for blacks in the modern era. Blacks have fallen significantly under Obama is all areas of life, including his piece de resistance, healthcare.

If America Leftist are serious about eradicating racism, they should consider banning Obama.

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