Getting drunk cost this star $3.2B

I had a friend who blew a $70 million NBA contract, because he couldn’t give up alcohol. But his screw up is nothing in comparison to this dude!

Dr. Dre was supposed to be the first billionaire rapper, as it was reported that he sold Beats to Apple for $3.2 billion dollars. Rap may have to wait a bit longer before it creates it’s first billionaire. It seems that Dr. Dre did a couple of things that the “real world” doesn’t like.

First, Dre was in a video where he was drunk. That’s not exactly good for Apple’s brand, even if Dre might have nothing to do with Apple after the purchase.

Second, Apple doesn’t like it’s strategy leaked, and making a drunk video celebrating what is supposed to be a secret is a great way to blow the deal.


Let’s face it; Dr. Dre is not hurting financially. But to ink a deal of this magnitude would have been a real coup for an industry that people feel is run by thugs.

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