Gun control nuts are racists

Gun control advocates are ignorant racists. They know that gun control was originally “Negro control,” and nothing has changed.

Guns were for the white man; more specifically the white Democrat man. And that man used guns to oppress black people, until black people found out that they too could own guns.

So then the white Democrat passed laws taking guns from everybody, except himself and law enforcement, aka the government.

And that’s how it has been in the big cities, where Democrats corralled black people, so they can keep an eye on them. Democrats then made sure to get illegal guns in the hands of ignorant black Liberals, and they unleashed “Dodge City Agenda.”

These restless urban indoctrination center denizens were trapped in hopelessness, like rampant unemployment, fatherless homes, and roaming hooligans. The outcome was inevitable, and black Liberals began killing other black people.

Democrats got their twofer. Black Liberal perp kills another black person. Black Liberal perp ends up in jail on murder and an illegal weapons charge. Two Negroes off the streets.

Is it any coincidence that blacks outnumber whites in prison outright.

Gun control advocates, better known as rich white Liberals are afraid of guns…and black Liberals.


Most gun control racist know nothing about guns. They’ve never handled a gun, and certainly have felt the exhilaration of pulling that trigger, and feeling the recoil.

Gun control racists have never taken a gun safety course, where they would learn the consequences of legal gun owners doing the wrong thing are harsh. Gun control racists claim that legal, law-abiding gun owners are just bad people waiting to kill the unarmed.

For gun control racists, guns are bad…period. They ignore the MANY more instances where guns save lives, and prevent over 200,000 women annually from rape.

The attitude of racist gun control nuts towards guns is exactly what Leftist Democrats in the past said to justify hating black people and taking guns away from blacks.

The racists who hate black people know very little about blacks, and except what they have heard. Most racists haven’t been around blacks, they don’t socialize with blacks, and in fact do all they can to avoid blacks and remain ignorant about blacks.

Racists wrongly suggest that blacks are bad, because they have heard of a few bad apples, completely disregarding all the great things blacks accomplish in America daily, many more things than the few bad apples.

Now, reread what I wrote about blacks and substitute guns, and you will see that gun control nuts are simply racists hiding out under the notion that they are protecting America.


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