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The woman who wants to be president, apparently doesn’t have the testosterone to face the San Diego heat. Clinton can run, but she won’t be able to hide from Benghazi, when she declares her run for first female president.

Clinton suddenly figured out that she’s not wanted in the locations where the Navy SEALs train, and she backed out of an appearance at a death care summit.

And if Benghazi is not enough, there will be a lot more ‘splainin’ for Clinton to do with all of the other missteps she had as Secretary of State, a record she will have difficulty spinning, when the spotlight is again back on her.

Finally, let’s not forget the 47 dead people in her wake!

Sure, stupid people will support her no matter what. However, coming on the heels of the black guy who kicked her butt the first time, I suspect Clinton will graciously bow out at some point.

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