Homeless no more: the American Spirit in action (video)

You aren’t American unless you have wished you could help somebody in need, regardless of your circumstances. Ever wanted to leave an outrageous tip to somebody, or pay their mortgage? When you see that happen, doesn’t it warm your heart.

Conservatives relish in either creating or witnessing such good fortune!

Earlier this year, a man named Rahat, gave a “winning” lottery ticket to the homeless man, identified as Eric (video below).

The video became a sensation, and many people donated over $40,000 to help the homeless man.

With the money raised, Rahat found a home, furnished it and paid for all the utilities, including cable and Internet for one year. He caught up with Eric, and learned that Eric had gotten a job.

To celebrate, Rahat then invited Eric out to dinner, but said he needed to swing by his house to get something.

When they arrived, Rahat invited Eric in, and  said this:

“I have got to be honest with you, this isn’t really my house,” he says in the video. “This is your house.”

Here is Eric’s reaction to the news:

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