Racial profiling saved this black woman’s life

Liberals are brilliant, creative in ways to either kill black people, or to get black people killed. If they are not putting Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, Liberals are creating Planned Hoods for blacks, complete with black thugs.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Paris Ainsworth lives in the Liberal Utopia known as Detroit. This is why she owns and carries a .45, and I don’t mean malt liquor, I mean a FIREARM. Lucky for her she isn’t stupid enough to believe the lies of Liberalism that claims cops will protect you. Even in Detroit the police chief admits it’s everybody for himself and God for us all, when it comes to protection. She had worked a double-shift when she arrive to her home, and noticed two black men approaching as she exited her vehicle. After racially profiling, Ainsworth knew what was what, and decided to “get gat,” as in put her hands on her legal weapon, which she obtained after getting her concealed carry weapons permit only two years earlier. Sure enough, these two black men were not gentlemen looking to help a lady out of her car, but instead thugs looking to help a lady out of her money and possibly more. “Don’t pull it,” is what one of the men supposedly said, and then he started shooting. Though hit three times by the perpetrator’s illegal weapon, Ainsworth skinned her smoke wagon, and let the bullets fly. The police were able to find the shooters, who had to go to the hospital for bullet wounds. Most notable comment for Liberals was made by the victim:

“If I wouldn’t have had my gun, I would be dead today…”

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