Look who this Liberal blames for CA rampage shooting

I feel sorry that the son of a Hollyweirdo, Eliot Rodger went on a shooting and stabbing rampage and killed six people, three people with guns and three people with a knife. Most people aren’t even aware that a knife was involved, as that weapon didn’t fit the Liberal narrative.

More on the knife later, because as is generally the case, Liberals focus on the gun. In a press conference after the rampage, the father of 20-year-old student who was killed in blames “craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA” for his son’s death. Richard Martinez, says his son Christopher Martinez was one of those killed and he went on to say “When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say, ‘Stop this madness!’ Too many have died. We should say to ourselves, ‘Not one more!'”

How this Liberal gun control fool can come to the conclusion that it was the NRA who killed is son is ridiculous, but certainly showcases how Liberals think. It was not the NRA who killed his son, it was another crazed Liberal. Though many Liberals crowd our jails, there are far too many of these sickos walking the streets. And one of those sickos killed six people, again three with guns and three with a knife. I wonder who Martinez would be blaming had his son been one of the victims killed with a knife? Martinez is right about one thing, and that is politicians are to blame. Most of these traitors have violated their oath of office in protecting the Constitution as they limit the ability for Americans to protect themselves with firearms. How many people would Rodger have killed in Texas? Fewer for sure. Would Rodger have even considered committing such a crime in Texas? Doubtful.

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