Meet Liberalism: The REAL Bully that Kills

A stunningly beautiful straight-A student committed suicide recently, and they say it was because she was bullied. I say it is because she was “liberaled.”

What has been defined as “bullying” is little more than people commenting on stupid decisions, and there is no doubt that stupid decisions are born of Liberal ideas.

Alyssa Funke, 19, bought a shotgun and committed suicide on her family’s boat on a suburban St. Paul lake in April just two weeks after she made an amateur porn movie on the sexually explicit site Casting Couch.

After the porn hit the worldwide web, one report said the “bullying” began. What has been described as “bullying” was Funke’s former classmates commenting on the stupidity of this girl making a porn video.

“Wow your (sic) a thot,” wrote one, including a slang acronym for “that ho over there.”

Another wrote, “Does her dad know?”

“Nothing brings a school together like a pornstar who graduated last year,” chimed in a third.

Alyssa-Funke-2Hardly bullying, in my book.

Did she think the video would not be seen by millions of people and eventually end up as good-natured banter at Christmas dinner?

It would seem that society hasn’t prepared kids for CONSEQUENCES! Kids believe they can screw up, but still “everyone gets a trophy.” So we are raising a generation who is not accountable, until they have to be accountable.

 “I’m Stella Ann. I’m 18, from Minnesota, and I’m really looking forward to get started,” the nervous teen tells an unseen camera operator as she sat on the “casting couch” during filming in Las Vegas earlier this year. “I want to be a major in biology, minor in chemistry, and I want to be an anesthesiologist,” she  said during her interview.

Shortly after, she strips down and has on-camera sex.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the person who is about to administer drugs to knock me out for my operation to be a FORMER PORN STAR!

“Wait…aren’t yo…zzzz…zzzz…BEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!”

I told you how “Stella Ann” was created. “Stella Ann” is a character of the fiction of Liberalism.

Liberalism give false bravado, making young women feel empowered to do as they wish. Meanwhile they suffer inside, and eventually their reckless behavior eventually takes its mental toll. One article I read reported:

On the outside, Funke, who family said suffered from depression, appeared to take the mean-spirited comments in stride.

“Pornstar Status,” she tweeted alongside an emoticon showing the “A-OK” symbol. Another read “FAMOUS for dayzzzzzzz.”

But on April 16, she drove out to Big Carnelia Lake and took her own life.

So what was missing from Alyssa Funke’s life? A good family.

Her father has criminal convictions for thefts, while her mother and mother’s boyfriend were convicted for drug dealing and child neglect, according to KMSP. Funke was raised mostly by her grandmother. She struggled with money, and eventually was forced to transfer from a private college to public last year, in order to afford the college education that was going to lead to more time at home with her grandmother.

If you are thinking about America’s earlier porn queen, Miriam Weeks, 18, aka “Belle Knox”, the Duke freshman who also appeared in a Casting Couch porn, you’d be right. Weeks was undoubtedly an “inspiration” for Funke–and many other young aspiring Liberal porn queens–as she appeared all over mainstream media, and apparently got that Duke education paid with her “moneymaker.”

And here I thought a person’s moneymaker was their brain.

Weeks said that being paid to have sex on film made her feel empowered. The new feminist mantra, “I’m a whore, here me roar!”

There is a bright side, as at least she can’t claim earnings inequality and sue the porn industry.

As for Alyssa Funke, she will never have the chance. Thanks to Liberalism.



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