Hollyweirdo goes on shooting spree

Just recently there was a story about Hollyweirdo Michael Jace who killed his wife. And on the heels of that story, we get a disgusting display of how privilege and excess can warp an individual’s values.

In this real-life shooting drama, the Santa Barbara shooter is Eliot Rodger, the 22 year-old son of Peter Rodger, director of the Hunger Games.

In an incredibly disturbing video, Rodger outlined night before his plan to get revenge against everyone he felt has done him wrong, specifically all the girls that would never sleep with him. He states how the following day will be a

“Day of retribution;  a day in which I will have my revenge.”


Yet another privileged Hollyweird child who has it all, except the ability to deal with life in general. Rodgers was mad because women wouldn’t sleep with him? He felt that women should want him because he is from a wealthy Leftist family. That’s how the Left values themselves. They believe that money is power, and power can get you anything. They crumble when they meet people who don’t care about money and power.

With all his money and white privilege, Rodgers couldn’t do something that poor kids do every day…get laid. Rodgers inability to have sex with women might have had something to do with his misogynistic view of women? Or perhaps his smug attitude that women should want him no matter what.

Leftist can’t deal with the world, unless they have an advantage. That’s what makes them dangerous, because even when they have it all, they are still at a disadvantage.


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