Discrimination the Left doesn’t discuss

It seems there is an “ism” for everything, and I just discovered an “ism” that the Left doesn’t want to discuss.

I wasn’t even aware that there is an organization that fights for the rights of fat people, until Charles Barkley made his controversial comments about “roomy” women of San Antonio.

Protecting the chubby Latinas of San Antonio is the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). So after Barkley’s comment, he was jumped quickly by NAAFA. However the most anti-fat people in the country are Barack and Michelle Obama, yet NAAFA has been mute on all of the Obama’s efforts to rid America of fatties.

 You can’t tell “Trans-fat” from the bad fat, even if trans-fat is caked in make-up. – K. Jackson

Barack Obama is quick to help “women,” however there is documented evidence that fat women make significantly less money, an average of $19,000 less in professional jobs, than thin women, but there is no Lilly Ledbetter legislation on this.  Fat people just have to grin and bear it, as their skinny counterparts get the raises and promotions. Studies have found that hiring managers and senior execs discriminate in hiring fat people.

Healthcare is already gearing up to go against the fat, as soon you can bet that BMI will figure in the ObamaCare equation, with either higher premiums or downright rejection of fatties. Look at what the UK proposed:

Earlier this year, the UK government announced plans to cut welfare for fat people who don’t go to the gym. In other words, for those at the bottom of the social scale, their ability to pay rent may soon be directly linked to how much they exercise—unless they’re skinny, in which case no one cares if they just sit about playing Xbox.

I’m not sure what qualifies as one as fat anymore, because one man’s fat is another man’s “fine as frog’s hair.” But the government is going to decide what the definition of fat is, despite studies showing that 60 percent of fat people are healthier than skinnier counterparts.

Putting this as succinctly as I can, the Left doesn’t like overweight people, and their actions prove it. Michelle Obama’s “get fit” campaign is just a veiled attack on people who don’t meet the Left’s idea of “pretty,” and her husband’s landmark legislation and his namesake will back her up.

If you are overweight, Conservatives don’t care. JOIN US!




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