Obama: Some slavery doesn’t pay off

This story has all the making of a Hollywood movie featuring Barack Obama with Jackson and Sharpton advising in the Situation Room, as 223 Nigerian school girls have been abducted by terrorist and threatened with slavery. These black avengers spring into action.

On advice of Sharpton and Jackson, Obama orders the Osama-like hit, and a team of Black Ops takes over. As a backup, Obama orders the drones be released.

“African-Americans” get their Hollywood ending, as the Black Ops team finds the terrorists, and takes them out, rescuing the 223 young Nigerian girls from a life of male-dominated oppression.

But you have heard nothing about this real-life terrorist drama from Obama, and other race-baiters, as reported here:

Pressure was growing on Monday night for Western military drones to be used in the hunt for more than 200 schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria, as the terrorist thought to be holding them threatened to “marry off” girls aged as young as nine.

The urgency of the situation was underlined yesterday when Boko Haram, the Islamic extremist group believed to have abducted the girls, released a video in which its leader gloatingly threatened to sell them as “slaves”.


Apparently, like black on black crime, “black on black” slavery doesn’t count for America’s race-baiters. “African Americans” don’t seem to give a rat’s butt about the potential for slavery with 223 young Nigerian girls, and here’s why.

First, America’s silly Liberal Negroes count not care less about The Motherland. What happen in Africa, stays in Africa!

Second, there is no money in this type of slavery. There is no white man to threaten or intimidate, only other Africans. And like the first slave trade of Africans selling other Africans, there can be no mention of that by “African Americans.”

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