Obama and the Turkish Murderer

Have you heard the story about the guy who murdered his wife and lover and was looking for a new mate on a TV show? If you think that guy is crazy, I’d like to introduce you to America’s man about town, our very own “Killa,” Barack Obama.


But before I explain how Barack Obama is related to this story, I’d like you to meet Sefer Calinak. He appeared on the Turkish dating show Luck of the Draw, where he cheerfully admitted killing his first wife and another woman, the Hurriyet Daily News reports. He had a good explanation for both murders.

Calinak married his cousin when they were both 17. However as Calinak explained, the thrill was gone after five months, and his bride’s behavior changed. He blamed it on a man who began coming to the village, and so he killed his wife. Sounds reasonable…if you’re a Liberal.

Calinak served four years of a 13-year sentence, and was released. During this period of freedom, Calinak began an affair with a married woman. When she would not leave her husband, the two got into a fight, where the woman somehow managed to run into an ax that was being swung by Calinak at the time. Again…if you are a Liberal, I think you see his point.

Six years in prison for this particular faux pax, and Calinak was back on the street, looking for a new wife. He promises not to kill this one.

“The woman who will marry me should not be afraid that I would kill her,” he told a newspaper.


That story may sound fantastic to you, but America is in the same situation as Calinak’s paramours. We are in bed with criminals, and we elected them.

We are aghast a story like Calinak’s, yet we can’t see that we are in a similar circumstance. We can see evil at the micro level, as the evil is easy spot in the Calinak story: it’s those crazy women, right? Of course not, it’s Calinak. See, that was easy.

But at the macro level, evil is not as easy to spot, except in hindsight. In retrospect, we can spot the devils: Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and so on. Their atrocities are in the rearview window. But can we see evil when it stands right in front of us? The Left can’t.

Take Obama, for example. At least half the country would be blaming the women in the Calinak story, as they support Obama. The women in the Calinak story represent the American taxpaying citizens on the Right, for those of you following my tricky metaphor.

Our government admits to spying on us with the NSA. They admit using the IRS to intimidate Conservative organizations. They admit to shutting down certain capitalist companies that don’t suit their agenda. There is an obvious cover-up regarding the killing of citizens that matter to them, yet the government wants us  peons to trust them.

Never in the history of man has there been so much power placed in the hands of idiots. And these idiots covet power, so much so that they will actually connive to keep it. There is no doubt in my mind that we will find out soon that this administration ran guns to terrorists in order to promote their agenda of amnesty for illegals. Who knows what else lurks, as they implement Common Core, Agenda 21 and other New World Order BS.

Our government is not for the people.

So like Calinak’s wife, we sleep next to our potential killer. Sleep well…

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