Obama: The Yugo of America

I was reading a story about the Yugo, the car that debuted in America in 1987. The story is titled “Crap, Pure Crap,” and I couldn’t help but think of Barack Obama.

The base price for the Yugo GV model was just under $4,000 or around $8,000 in today’s money. “GV” stood for “good value.” There would be other interpretations of the letters GV by owners and mechanics, and they weren’t very complimentary, to say the least. As the article reads,

“A popular joke in the late 1980s went something like this: “Q: How do you double the value of a Yugo? A: Fill the tank!”

Obama was sold as a Ferrari to America. He was everything that America wanted, needed in a president, rolled up into one light-skinned Negro with no Negro dialect package. But the fact is Obama is a best a Bricklin “kit car,” and that’s if you really like him.

For the rest of us, Obama is a piece of crap Yugo.


After the Yugo dealerships failed, the cars were snatched up at bankruptcy auctions and used as promotional items. According to an article, a mobile home salesman in North Carolina gave a Yugo to every individual who purchased a new double-wide trailer. Anybody seen “Obama gear” lately?

There were various reasons given as to why the Yugo failed, and they resemble why Obama has failed.

“The car was too cheap for status-driven Americans” could be translated into Liberal-speak that Obama was “too good for America.” There were Liberals who said this.

“The unstable Yugoslavian economy provided an insufficient platform for a thoroughgoing promotional effort” could be translated into Liberal-speak as “I inherited this mess.”

As the author of the article wrote:

The reason the Yugo tanked was summed up by a veteran mechanic I spoke with:

The things were crap, pure crap. Within 50,000 miles the head gaskets would crack, the fuel and water pumps would fail, the wiring would burn up, the brakes would fall off, even the radios could barely play. I worked on dozens of those damn things back then. They made me plenty of money, along with a lot of headaches. At least I never bought one. The owners were the ones who got screwed.

That may be the best metaphorical explanation of Barack Obama’s presidency I have seen in quite some time.

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