ObamaCare has new victims

ObamaCare was to be the cure-all, the panacea for all that ailed America’s healthcare system, but instead it’s showing its ugly side…full frontal “fugly.” Stupid Liberals think they can plan for stupid Liberals, and guess what’s suffering?

Emergency rooms.


Barack Obama forgot that Liberals are killing people all over America. Black on black crime, black teen on America crime, and crime in general are what Liberals do. More and more Liberals are out of work, frustrated, so they beat and kill each other. But that’s not all that’s clogging the system.

Obama over-estimated Liberals and their concern about health. Liberals are too ignorant to get ongoing, cheaper healthcare. Even when they don’t have jobs and can go to the hospital, Liberals won’t go to the hospital for care. Liberals prefer to get everybody sick.

So, Liberals wait until they are near death to go to the hospital emergency room, when the cost is the highest. And this is one of the main reasons why according to a new survey, more people are going to the emergency room under ObamaCare.

The survey, conducted by the American College of Emergency Physicians, found that since the day coverage under ObamaCare went into effect for the few sacrificial lambs — 46 percent of emergency physicians have experienced jumps in patients. In contrast, only 23 percent reported a decrease, and 27 percent said the influx has stayed about the same. Net result: Emergency room backlog, just like that other government run health program, the VA.

Doctors said they expected this, despite what Obama and Democrats used to sell this nonsense. Howard Mell, a spokesman for the ACEP and an emergency care physician, told Business Insider:

“We told you this was going to happen. We don’t mind that it has. But we’d sure appreciate some support,”

We didn’t need the situation with the VA to let us know that emergency physicians only expect it to get worse over the next few years. Eighty-six percent of emergency physicians expect there to be a slight or “great” increase in the amount of visits to their departments over the next three years. Moreover, 77 percent of these doctors think their facilities are not prepared for the expected influx of patients.

Recall when Obama gave his speech about the VA, he mentioned how many appointments veterans make each year. Well veterans are a mere subset of the non-veteran public, so imagine what the backlog will be once more people are forced on the system. The legacy for ObamaCare will be a healthcare system that will serve fewer people and be the most costly non-performing system in the world.




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