ObamaCare’s War on Pregnant Women

While Obama act like he cares about women, he pays them less, and ObamaCare deals a blow to women as well. Will the Republicans seize the day on this?

In what may be a national move, Tennessee has become the first state in the nation to pass a law criminalizing women for their pregnancy outcomes. The law proposed by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam allows prosecutors to charge a woman with criminal assault if she uses illegal drugs during her pregnancy and her fetus or newborn is considered harmed as a result.

Pre-ObamaCare the excuse given to these felonious drug-addicted women was “the poverty excuse.” Opponents of the new law criminalizing women who have drug-addicted babies were concerned about the lack of access to health care and treatment facilities. They argued that this type of law would result in the disproportionate targeting and jailing of poor mothers and mothers of color, particularly in rural districts throughout the state.

Not any more.ObamaCare changes all that, so why aren’t these proponents of ObamaCare trumpeting how a law like this protects children?

Everybody has coverage under ObamaCare, and crackhead Liberal mothers even get a rebate! So crackhead Liberal women (redundant, I know) have no excuse for poisoning their babies, and not seeking help.

Do I really need to emphasize that a bill like the one proposed by Gov. Haslam will help the little “chirrens?” Talk about the Republicans getting a t-ball to hit! If they can’t get the Dems squirming in their excrement over this, then shame on them.

Think of the can of worms opened by money-grubbing Democrats with the legalization of marijuana, coupled with forced medical coverage.

Can women smoke marijuana and be covered under ObamaCare? Marijuana is considered a drug by the Fed, and thus illegal, while being legal in a few states?

Will crackhead mothers be prosecuted, now that their drug could be discovered in a blood test by the ObamaCare medical Gestapo, who would undoubtedly report the transgression?

Will this lead to mandatory drug testing for those receiving public assistance, particularly the softer sex?

Newborns through three year-olds are the second most expensive age group for medical care, second only to geriatrics. Given the potential costs of drug-addicted babies, one would think that Gov. Haslam has good firm footing for serving crow to the ObamaCare proponents.

Perhaps the Left will take heart in the unintended benefit that crackhead mothers will likely abort their babies, so they avoid the trouble.

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