Pentagon Zombie plan…seriously

Hollywood has made lots of movies about zombies roaming the earth in search of human survivors. Some like me argue that we already live in those times, as the few Conservatives with balls fend off the feeding hoard of crazed Liberals.

But there may even be more sinister beings lurking, as I learned recently of the Pentagon’s plan to deal with even more zombies.

CONPLAN 888 was uncovered by Foreign Policy magazine, was written in 2011 as part of a training exercise. The plan summarizes responses to threats from pathogenic zombies, which are zombies created by some sort of infection. Then the report deals with space zombies, I guess contemplating that Liberalism could lurk on other planets? And the report even deals with chicken zombies, which I took to mean the current Republicans in Congress.

Though I am making light of this zombie plan, it is very real as reported here:

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