Pre-Breaking News: Shinseki fired!

UPDATED: I predicted Obama would fire Shinseki during the press conference, and I was right. Obama didn’t do it outright, but Shinseki was “positioned” to be fired. The White House has to figure out how to fire Shinseki without validating the Tea Party.

The VA’s problems are symptomatic of the problem with government, and proves that the Tea Party is right to demand accountability. The Left has reason to fear all the scandals happening in the most corrupt administration in history. But this VA scandal has the biggest potential long-term impact on the Leftist agenda.

A Fox News contributor is singing the praises of General Shinseki, saying Obama shouldn’t fire him. Shinseki “inherited that mess,” right? As with Obama using the famous phrase, Shinseki inherited a mess that he was appointed to fix. Nobody twisted his arm to represent America’s best. Yet under a man who undoubtedly is concerned about veteran, many veterans died on his watch. And that’s the scary thing: Shinseki really cares about veterans! In this role it was Shinseki’s job to tell Obama what his issues were in managing the VA.

“President Obama I need more leeway in firing lazy bureaucrats, and those who play “cover your ass” when I need answers.”

And if Obama were a leader who actually cared about veterans, he would have implemented the changes–let’s say by Executive Order– to make it happen. Obama has issued more EOs that all presidents combined, but none to address the fundamental way that government screws the people it reports to. Obama tried firing a guy who was already retiring. BUZZ! Then, the White House tried to say they were unaware of the situation, since Obama hadn’t been watching the news lately. BUZZ!

Somebody significant must go, and it won’t be the black dude. Will somebody summon the Asian?! – B. Obama


For far too long, bureaucrats do nothing to change the system, and the taxpayer have watched things cost more and more, as we get less and less. Obama has but one option in this matter, and that is to fire Shinseki. However, Shinseki’s departure won’t exonerate Obama from his dereliction of duty. He likely did know what was happening, and like with the rollout of ObamaCare, he just figured it would all work out. After all, Obama has a complicit media. Notwithstanding, Obama is a reactionary, and believes he can FIX anything that arises in his money-grabs. Well this is one he won’t be able to fix so easily, though offering up Shinseki will certainly put a band-aid on the bullet wound.  The media will spin this as him being authoritative, decisive. But where was that decisiveness in Benghazi? Obama has finally had to call a spade a spade, and admit to a scandal where Big Government was exactly as the Tea Party has said…corrupt.  This fat genie isn’t going back in the bottle any time soon!

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