Is Rap Music too black for the LGBT community?

It’s official. Thug Rapper 50 Cent is gay! Well, at least maybe.

Did you see him throw the first pitch at the baseball game? It was horrible! Is that a muscle suit he’s wearing? Come on, Curtis!


Holy Cow, are there any real men on the Left? Dude’s supposedly been shot about ten times, and he can’t throw a baseball ninety feet?! He must have been shot with a BB gun?

Regardless, the whole incident got me curious, so I decided to see if indeed rap music has crossed the LGBT-approved line, and recognized its first OPENLY gay rapper.

As it turns out, there IS AN OPENLY GAY RAPPER, and rapper Lil Wayne has signed him. His moniker is Fly Young Red, and he is now part of Lil Wayne’s Cash Money label.

Besides being a rarity in the hip hop world, Fly Young Red’s video for his single “Throw That Boy P—y” has gone viral and has been viewed more than 600,000 since being uploaded to YouTube on March 18.

So here is my query.

Rap is known for being HARD, with thug blacks “reprezent-in.” Like football, rap is not for sissies. But when Fly Young Red was signed to a hella deal, there was no hoopla in the LGBT community. No celebrations, no Visa deal, no Oprah reality show.

Is rap too black for the LGBT community? Do they need Eminem to come out to recognize the first OPENLY gay rapper?

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