Is getting caught having sex with your Muslim granddaughter a war on women (video)

I detest Liberals, because they pretend to be blind to the obvious, and their take on Islam and the war on women is a perfect example. So what an Imam molests his own granddaughter; Liberals have awards for things like that.

Because Liberals love children, right? YES! They really do love [to sex up] their children, as this Imam is loving his granddaughter…in the carnal way. Here I thought that was only for infidels?

As reported in The Muslim Issue:

Grandpa and morality commander for the future Caliphate killing people in Syria, Sheikh Al Nasouh, has a go with his own granddaughter until he gets caught and scrambles to put his pants on. How about that. Grandpa is mounting her like the molesting of his donkeys. Following the footsteps of the pedo-prophet of Islam.

Had it been someone else he would have ordered their execution to comply with Allah’s laws. But when it is himself, he suddenly feels remorseful and wants to be pardoned. This is how Muslims are all the time. Complete hypocrites. And they can never let other people lead their own lives without always trying to control them.

The Liberals will see nothing wrong with this, as they love their pedophilia. After screwing their own kids it’s no big deal to give America the old “high hard one,” and tell us it’s for our own good. Like this Muslim “holy man,”, when Liberals are caught doing something wrong, they want the rules changed in their favor. I’d like to see the cameras on Liberals 24/7, so the world can see just who they are.


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