Stella didn’t lose her groove, it was stolen by a white feminist

For decades, Liberals have cried foul regarding Right Wing policies they claim have limited a woman’s creative potential and quality of life. Everything from abortion rights to Affirmative Action has come under fire, typically with feminist groups leading the charge to remind us how much Republicans and Conservative hate women.

Could it be that the volume of Liberal protestations is in direct correlation to the grand attempt at deflection from what’s really going on?

The Women’s Movement has done more damage to the black woman and her family than anything the Right could have ever conceived of doing.

Before the “war on poverty” was ever declared, the social tide was already beginning to turn.  Black poverty had been cut in half and more blacks were joining the rank of high level and professional jobs than any other time in history.

In the 60’s, in the aftermath of racist LBJ’s The Great Society, the typical black woman was virtually ignored.  Instead, the  Left propped up its icons of black feminism like Angela Davis and welfare-championing Alice Walker, leaving essentially two choices for the black women in America: (1) become a Marxist revolutionary or (2) become another statistic in a system the Liberals themselves had imposed.

Welfare provisions have given serious economic incentive for a black woman to turn her back entirely on the traditional marriage and family, penalizing married couples, thus de-incentivizing marriage. Loss of marriage is loss of family. Loss of family is loss of family values.

This lifestyle of state-funded idleness led to a skyrocketing illegitimacy rate, whereby today less than half of all black women marry the men with whom they have children, leaving seven out of ten black children fatherless.

There can be little doubt that the breakdown of the black American family coincides with the rise of the welfare state, a program conceived, built, and sustained by the Left, but financed by the American taxpayer.

Entrapping these women in a cycle that promotes and encourages dependency guaranteed the Liberals a substantial voting block.

By undermining the traditional ethos of marriage and family, the Left not only created a culture of dependency intertwined with bitterness and resentment toward the Right, but fostered this antagonism in a downright Machiavellian maneuver to secure political power for decades.

There is a war on women?  And the casualties of this war were bound, gagged and sacrificed on the altar of Liberalism a long time ago.

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