The Tea Party Victory over Republicans the media isn’t discussing

How old is too old? Apparently there is no such thing in politics, when it comes to re-election. Dying in office is the norm, unless you are forced out for pissing off the political leadership of your party. Congressmen and Senators addicted to the power get elected again and again, so when we finally root one out, I consider it justice.


That’s what happened to 91-year old Texas Rep. Ralph Hall, the oldest man in Congress who lost his bid for re-election on Tuesday night and became the first incumbent defeated in the 2014 elections. Hall was seeking his 18th term in Congress and was the only World War II veteran seeking re-election this year.

John Ratcliffe, a former U.S. attorney defeated Hall and he will run unopposed in the fall.

Ratcliffe did Hall a favor. It was way past time for this rich old white guy over 70 years old isn’t spending time with his second trophy mistress, traveling the globe to show off her lipo, botox, and fake tatas. Yet, there was Hall, looking for an 18th term in Congress.

That sucker probably needed a full-time nanny to keep his old butt awake during meetings, and another assistant to carry his oxygen tank. Yet Hall has establishment Republicans rallying for him.

Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann endorsed Hall, and many of the Texas GOP members of Congress donated campaign funds to the Hall, a man referred to as the “dean of their delegation.” The fact that these establishment Republicans supported a man well past retirement age, and a man they know should not still be in Congress speaks to how ingrained the Republican machine is, when it comes to serving “the party.”

When this man was in his formative years, we didn’t even have television!

I have an aunt who is 101 years old, and I love her to pieces. She is of sound mind, and still gets around on her own, though very slowly. Nevertheless, if she ran for Congress ten years ago, I would have had her committed!

The Bigger Point

Ratcliffe was supported by the grass roots, yes the Tea Party. And the Tea Party thankfully brought some sanity to this situation, electing a man who said he would only serve eight years, and who is of this generation.



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