Wackademia peeing in America’s cornflakes

There was a lot of hoopla over that teacher who scolded the little boy, then lifted him off his feet. Most people are surprised that she was only suspended for ten days. I figured they’d give her an award, and nominate her to head the National Education Administration.

Wackademia is a crazy place, and we just don’t believe it. Sure there is the occasional good school, and a few good teachers and administrators. But you can’t have the track record of failure of wackademia, and still be looking elsewhere for blame.

If any reasonable person witnessed the type of shenanigans at your workplace that happens daily in wackademia, you would undoubtedly sound the alarm.

For example, if you worked at Coke and you caught some guy peeing in the formula, I would hope you would blow the whistle. What company intentionally ruins it’s product, and expects to survive. Coke wouldn’t last a year, if it were run by education bureaucrats.

Because in this metaphor, most of the teachers and administrators are peeing in the Coke.

We send our kids to schools without a thought in the world about their well-being. We presume they are in good hands, because we have been taught [indoctrinated, actually] to believe that all teachers are good, and the system cares. We are told that teachers love what they do, and educating young minds is a labor of love.

BS. Today, when you send your kids to school, you turn your children over to pedophiles and other abusers, who don’t have without a care in the world about their education. Your child is now on the menu.

Maybe in the past teachers cared. But today, teachers and other academic administrator are self-indulgent Leftists who see the school as their perverted playground.


That teacher who lifted the child in the air is not anecdotal. Teachers all around this country are abusing kids, mentally in most cases, and physically in others. And the factory keeps getting new parts, every time somebody sends their child to the factory.

While these Leftist perverts steal from our children, as the coach did, or fraudulently change grades, which recently happened in Philly, we are told that these people know what’s best for our children. You can’t pack your kid’s lunch, and don’t dare question the curricula, or you might just get arrested.

Do what you are told, and continue to send your kids to the slaughterhouses.

Schools don’t education, they indoctrinate. In most schools, one thought prevails: Liberalism. When their ideas are finally challenged in the real world, these confused “progressives” don’t know how to handle it. They can’t figure out why they need jobs from capitalists they have been taught to hate. Or why something inside of them fights against their own beliefs.

I suggest we lift up with “system,” and throw it off the cliff.

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