Universities getting their butts kicked over free speech

Colleges and universities have been trying to shut down free speech for decades, but it’s free speech of Conservatives. Talk about 50 Shades of Grey on your megaphone, and it’s all good. Whisper a verse from the Bible, and get expelled.

Lucky for Conservatives, this is the one area where we have been winning, as Fox News reports:

The latest in a string of successful court challenges to college “free speech zones” is unfolding in Virginia, where lawyers are negotiating a settlement in the case of a student who was barred from preaching on campus.

The Virginia Community College System has agreed to suspend its student demonstrations policy in response to a lawsuit filed by Thomas Nelson Community College student Christian Parks. Both sides have asked a federal judge in Norfolk to put the case on hold until May 2 while a new policy and settlement details are negotiated.

Judicial history and recent legislative developments suggested Parks had a good chance of prevailing. Over the last dozen years, several similar policies establishing restrictive speech zones at public colleges have been invalidated by courts or changed by officials to settle lawsuits alleging violation of students’ First Amendment rights. And on April 4, Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed legislation limiting public colleges’ restraint on student expression.

“Coast to coast, these kinds of restrictions on student speech are a widespread problem,” said Parks’ attorney, David Hacker of the Christian legal advocacy organization Alliance Defending Freedom.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education says about six in 10 colleges nationwide have policies that violate First Amendment rights — and about one in six impose “free speech zones” like the policy at issue in the Virginia case — even though such restrictions rarely survive constitutional challenges.

These types of tactics by wackademia prove how relentless they are, when it comes to preserving the status quo. Liberalism prevails in wackademia, and until we on the other side are more aggressive in fighting them, we can expect much to change.




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