Untraceble guns growing in popularity

The government wants to take our guns away. Obama and his minions deny that’s the case, and gun control freaks (that’s what they are!) say it’s only some guns and only in some circumstances.

Gun control nuts (yes, that’s what they are)  ridicule anyone who suggests that governments want unarmed peasants; however we Second Amendment Constitutionalists have seen enough history to know what happens when a government gone mad decides it can no longer maintain power with an educated and armed populace.

Gun control a-holes (that’s what they are!) cry “They didn’t have AR-15s in the Revolutionary War.” Well they didn’t have radios either, but we all have those in our CARS!

Anyway, some gun enthusiasts slash Conspiracy theorists are taking things into their own hands, as there are legal (for now) ways to make untraceable weapons.

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Basically it amounts to making a gun from upgrade parts, though there are a few more details.  Check this out.

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