Viral: Sad sister advice column

I call BS on this story about a sister who won’t let her other sister hang with her. This is Liberal propaganda, and I can prove it.

Everything leading up to the part about the “good” sister being a Liberal, i.e. a pretentious jerk is a setup for hitting Christians below the belt.

Liberals are cliquish and exclusionary, even with family. Who abandoned family and friends for the light-skinned Negro with no Negro dialect (unless he wants it)? Liberals.

Here’s more evidence.

The “good” sister has money and spends it lavishly doing lots of things that the other sister can’t do. Conservatives include family and make a way for family to participate.

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Finally, Conservatives don’t call the cops on family members in need, and particularly those looking for answers.

I’m no Sherlock, but there are enough clues here to call me Watson.




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