Watch THIS black woman parent! (video)

There are people in America who give us hope, and this mother and grandmother prove that all is not lost in the black community.

As you watch this short video, note a couple of key points:

First, the woman mentions her husband. Next, they were under the impression that their son was going to look for a job, based on how he was dressed.

These people have parented this kid, though he is a miscreant. And what they do next is what is most surprising.



The black community has a stigma associated with it, and this family, particularly the mother and grandmother did a lot to dispel the idea that blacks don’t care and will not do the right thing in a bad situation. This mother snitched on her OWN son, and the grandmother backed her play.

“For the first time in my adult life…I’m proud…”

Just kidding. I’m always proud to be who I am. And when I see everyday black folks doing the right thing, it warms my heart.

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