White guys suck and they can laugh about it

Got to love this video of white men making fun of the idea that white men suck. After all, that is the new PC approach to white men.

I recently ridiculed some Liberal professor who said, “White men are a cancer and should commit suicide.” I should mention that this professor is a white man.

Anyway, I love this video, as it is making people think about the absurdity of saying “white men suck.” I remember when the Nazis convinced the world that Jews suck. And that idea persists even today, as many Leftist, as well as with the 1 billion+ Muslims still hate the Jews, and think the Jews suck!

Ah, memory lane…I remember when Democrats convinced other Democrats that black people suck. That is still happening today as well. The fact is that Liberals believe blacks to be stupid and incapable of helping ourselves. White Liberals believe themselves to be superior to black people, yes including the light-skin blacks with no negro dialect. Thus, white Liberals believe black people still suck.

You would think that given the history of Liberals saying that a particular group of people suck, the Left would have tired of this nonsense; but they haven’t. For the Left, somebody HAS  TO SUCK!

I have a suggestion for them: it’s THEM; “them” being the white elitist Liberals who pretend to care about others.

When the Left tells you what sucks, just think “equal and opposite” for the real answer, which in this case is white Liberal women! Yes, white Liberal women suck!
You won’t see white Liberal women laughing at themselves, and their double-standards.

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