Army soldier in Iraq and the little patch of grass

[]When you consider recent developments in Iraq and the abandonment of the work of thousands of military men and woman, many of whom died to help Iraqis establish a better way of life, think about this patch of grass.

An army soldier was stationed in Iraq, and he asked his wife to send him soil, fertilizer, and some grass seed from America. He longed to smell the sweet aroma of grass, and feel the grass beneath his feet.

When the men of the squadron are about to depart on a mission, they would take turns walking through the grass and the American soil — to bring them good luck.

A tiny patch of grass represented “America” to them. The patch of grass was America sowing the seeds of the American Spirit in a land where people had little hope.

The naivete of Obama destroyed that “little patch of grass,” and all that it represents.

America’s military men and women fought and died to protect Iraq from a tyrant, but further to provide the hope for the country that America used to represent around the world.

Because of the recklessness of the Obama administration, no longer does the world look at America as a beacon of hope. Nations cannot trust in the friendship of America any longer, as our little patches of grass are only temporary.

One can only wonder what the Iraqi people would think, if they could watch this video of Joe Biden, as he predicts what history will say about the Obama administration’s handling of Iraq:



I wonder if he wants to walk his comments back just a bit?

I’m no war hawk, but what we have done in Iraq is irresponsible, to say the least.

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