Beware of old Liberal friends

Most people outgrow Liberalism by the time they are 25 years old, give or take, because by then you have had your first run-in with government. However, due to decades of Liberalism, many people delay their mental growth, and remain Liberal far past the typical expiration date, and they become psychotic.

Liberalism is not limited to America, and in fact originated overseas, though scientists debate the original carrier of the disease. Nevertheless, you know Liberalism when you see it, as in this story about Rika Okada.

The body of Rika Okada was found in a storage lock-up in Tokyo, where investigators also found the six foot box in which it had been transported from the southern city of Osaka. The body had been sent by courier and marked “doll” for the 230 mile journey to a storage locker, both transport and storage paid by the “doll” herself, using Okada’s credit card.

Bizarre, right?

29-year-old Okada had been missing since late March, and when investigators examined her body, they found that she had more than a dozen stab wounds, with no defensive injuries.

So how did this happen?

Just before she went missing, Okada wrote on her Facebook page that she was going to meet up with an old friend whom she had not seen for a decade.

Police in Osaka refused to confirm details, but reports said a woman who had been at elementary school with Okada had flown out of Tokyo to Shanghai earlier this month using the dead woman’s passport.

If you have Liberal friends over the age of 25, don’t visit them!

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