BREAKING: Obama interrupts Working Families Summit to EAT!

With all the scandals happening, the lamestream media reminds us that we are in the time of deflection. Sorry, I meant reflection.

Remember the good ol’ days when America cared about everything our rock star president did? We were treated to such important issues as what Obama had for lunch!

Well happy days are here again! The media is reporting has returned to reporting Obama’s meal updates.
I don’t know about you, but I have missed these culinary disclosures. This type of information “humanizes” Obama, making him appear ordinary down to earth.

Who knew that Obama even has to eat? The man is a MACHINE! I bet Obama craps golden turds.

The point here is that the lamestream media is not distracted by the fake scandals of the IRS, or the VA. They are even ignoring the fall of Iraq, because that’s now Iraq’s responsibility. So what young girls are being taken from their parents and made into sex slaves for the terrorists. Welcome to the tragedy of the American taxpayer, except that entire families are being prostituted in our terrorist takeover.
We are reminded however that we still live in paradise, because at Yahoo reported, Obama ate at Chipotle’s…
On Monday, Obama rounded up a few participants at a White House working families summit for a short walk to a local Chipotle restaurant, where they swapped stories while enjoying the fast-food favorite.
“It’s been awhile since I had the burrito bowl,” Obama said after lunch.
Too bad Obama had to leave the Working Families Summit to eat. You’d think by now he would have found somebody to eat for him. It’s easy to see how important “working families” is, when Obama takes time out to eat, and the press covers it.
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