Guess why this “honor student” killed his parents

If you are a Liberal parent with kids, then you are in grave danger. You have raised potential murderers. And that’s just what this teen in Norfolk, VA did.

16-year old Vincent Parker was upset about losing his iPod. So he took matters into his own hands and committed black-on-black crime without leaving the comfort of his own home. How convenient.

Parker bludgeon his parents to death with a variety of weapons, using everything but the kitchen sink or a GUN! Liberal gun-control freaks are asking themselves why would he not use a GUN.

If he had only shot them, Liberals would have the gun to blame for this incident. You see, without a gun, a black kid killing his parents is just an incident, i.e. a footnote in history. Because Liberals don’t care about black on black crime, unless the crime supports a Liberal cause.


You have to love how Vincent was portrayed in the media, “Trayvoned” in fact. He was on the honor roll. Maybe that meant something back in the day, like a Nobel Peace Prize. However today being an honor student means you just haven’t made out of high school and to the penitentiary…if you’re black.



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