Democrats are most worried about Cantor loss

Eric Cantor lost his re-election bid to Tea Party supported Dave Brat, but the real loser was the Democrats.

When you have depicted a group as radical pro-Republicans, and that group takes out top leadership, it’s difficult reconcile that situation.

The fact is the Democrats have been caught in a vicious lie, and it’s a lie that is as easy to spot as a kangaroo in a dinner jacket. Eric Cantor’s demise adds to the Tea Party credibility. By taking out an establishment Republican, the Tea Party movement proved that it is willing to root out a scoundrel, even a Republican.


Democrats don’t do that. They will not sacrifice one of their own, no matter how heinous the offense.

Drown a woman in a car accident and you go back to the bar and have drinks, and you can run for president. If you don’t win, no problem; you can die in office as a Senator, like Teddy Kennedy.

If you are a blatant racist, who measures how black a black person is to be acceptable, then you can become Senate Majority Leader, like Harry Reid.

If you are a better racist, and think of black people as inarticulate and dirty, and marvel when you find one who is “articulate and clean”, well you are Vice President material, like Joe Biden.

Things get better when you are a black sellout like the Congressional Black Caucus, who raised $55 million for college scholarships for black kid, and gave away $700,000 and change. And their further list of insults to the black community are too numerous to mention.

But the Tea Party acted on principle, and took out the number two Republican. Why? Because he acted against the interest of the people. The Tea Party didn’t coddle Cantor, by the way a much better man than any of the Democrat scoundrels I described earlier.

Cantor is just an appeaser. He will go along to get along, as do most establishment Republicans. The Tea Party members recognized that, and they see it in others. Some will escape, but Cantor didn’t.

Cantor nuzzled up to the anti-Tea Party group, and he sided with illegal trespassers over the citizens of America. Wrong moves on his part, and he made these moves because he believed the press about the Tea Party. You know, the Tea Party being dead and all.

A sniper can cause great trouble among the enemy troops, and Cantors demise has put both parties in power on notice. They will both have hell to pay. But the Democrats have the most to lose.

What Cantor’s loss showed in the passion the Tea Party movement has for politics. And that passion continues to grow. I can’t wait for the Tea Party to die again!


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