Google sucks at Diversity, but they aren’t scared

When you are as big and connected politically as Google, you can set the rules, including rules around diversity.

Frankly, I don’t care who Google hires. Companies should be free to hire whomever they want, and particularly the best.

It’s certainly difficult to argue that Google does not hire the best. Unfortunately, Google’s diversity report conclude that blacks, Hispanics, and women are not the best employees.

In a groundbreaking disclosure, Google revealed how very white and male its workforce is, with just 2 percent of Googlers being black, 3 percent  Hispanic, and 30 percent female.

Yawn…what a surprise.


Coincidentally, these are also the groups that bitch the most about not being hired.

Leading edge tech company doesn’t have any “jobs Americans won’t do?”

I love how the story I read put this:

The search giant said Wednesday that the transparency about its workforce — the first disclosure of its kind in the largely white, male tech sector — is an important step toward change.

Change in what? Change in the president? I think Google has seen the impact of a black president, so don’t think they will be following America off the cliff. Just for shiggles I’d love to see how Google stock would do, if Obama were offered the job?

What’s the solution for Google?

Well don’t expect Google to begin hiring lesser qualified people to enjoy all those perks. Did you see “The Internship?” Google is a playground for geniuses. Free food, slides, sleep pods, study pods, unmanned cars, and much more. Further, Google and other high-tech Silicon Valley firms do whatever it takes to hold on to their best and brightest, even preventing other companies from going after them.

One thing is for sure.

Google will not become part of the government’s social experimentation. Google is “too big (and smart) to fail.)

Google doesn’t generate any noxious gases, and they don’t employ Laotian child laborers. No harm, no foul.

With the disclosure of this data, you might  be wondering how Google has escaped the extortion of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. The answer is simple: Google is under the protection of the Fed.

Jackson is complaining, however.

Google is in bed with the Fed. They say all the right things, while doing quite the opposite, which is straight out of Obama’s playbook.

“Simply put, Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity,” Google Inc. senior vice president Laszlo Bock wrote in a blog.

The numbers were compiled as part of a report that major U.S. employers must file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Companies are not required to make the information public.

 The racial data is limited to Google’s roughly 26,600 workers in the U.S as of August 2013.

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