Want to understand the mind of a vicious dictator?

What to understand the mind of a vicious dictator? Well since Obama hasn’t published his memoir as president, you will need to settle for the next best thing!

A new video game is under development to allow you to be Kim Jong Un. Think of all the fun things you can do, that you never thought of.
If you want to allow 100 attack dogs to kill and eat your favorite uncle, you will soon be able to feed your dictatorial fantasies, you mean-spirited couch potato!

Who hasn’t want to be the fat kid turned evil murderer, and rule a country full of malnourished people, who refer to you as ‘Dear Leader’ out of fear for their lives?! And don’t forget…”You will have inherited this mess!”

For racist Leftist, we can only bet that Obama will not be outdone, and there will soon be a game where you can turn a once great country into a Third-World craphole.

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