Father-daughter chase thieves who robbed them

I’m tired of low-life Liberals stealing all the time. When they aren’t asking the government to confiscate our money, they are simply trying to steal it.

We are in the Era of Rampant Liberalism. People have become emboldened, as this video suggests:




The plastic surgeon and his  daughter arrived home in Houston, TX to find their house being burglarized by three thieves. The thieves jumped in a red truck, and sped off.

The father-daughter duo decided to chase after them.

Things got real, when the thieves tried to ram their pursuers’ car, not once, but twice.

The daughter was afraid that the thieves might try to shoot them, however she forgot something. Thieves believe all Texans carry guns, and they were a LOT less likely to shoot at armed people; especially people bold enough to chase them down.

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