Feds say, “Look at my big busts” on SNAP fraud ring

The government loves to act like it cares about taxpayers’ money. So they uncovered a scheme where millions of dollars are defrauded via food stamps.

Well congratulations Deputy Dog or Captain Obvious, whichever they prefer. I’m not impressed.

Here’s a snippet from the Daily Caller:

The FBI has filed charges against dozens of people in Georgia who allegedly set up a scheme that funneled $18 million worth of food stamps through grocery stores in what a Department of Justice official is calling “one of the largest federal food program frauds ever.”

Fifty-four people were indicted for their roles in the massive fraud which involved the illegal purchase of WIC and food stamp benefits.

The fraud “allegedly involved the purchase of more than $18 million in WIC vouchers and Food Stamp benefits for cash through a number of purported grocery stores set up throughout Georgia.”

Another 34 defendants were indicted for selling their benefits. Through the WIC program, participants receive 3-month supplies of vouchers which can be exchanged for food at authorized stores. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) provides food stamp benefits to low-income families.

It is illegal to sell WIC and SNAP benefits for cash, though that did not stop the 88 people involved in the scam.

This type of thing has been going on since the food stamp (now SNAP) program began. The government has actually made it easier to defraud hardworking Americans, as they moved to program from actual food stamp certificates, to credit cards.

When I first moved to my current urban indoctrination center, I lived near the ghetto. The grocery story I shopped at had signs that read, “No loitering and no begging.”

When I would go there to shop, almost without exception somebody approached me and offered to buy my groceries with their EBT card, if I would give them a percentage on the dollar. So for example, they would buy $100 of my groceries for $50-60. I never took them up on it, but then again, that was during the time of white presidents. Today, I might have to seriously consider it.

As the Daily Caller article notes, the FBI sting yielded similar results:

“Many of the defendants allegedly canvassed low-income neighborhoods and solicited WIC and Food Stamp participants to illegally exchange their benefits not for food but for cash,” the DOJ’s charge reads.

After setting up grocery store operations throughout Georgia, the defendants bought the benefits for a fraction of their face value.

I have two points:

First, I’m just as effective as the FBI in rooting out this crime. Second, this “largest ever” scam is just the tip of the iceberg, as SNAP fraud is much more rampant.

The Fed doesn’t want you to know just how bad food stamp fraud is, so they announce a “big bust,” hoping you will watch their big “busts” and never look at their ugly face!


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