The Flaw in Liberal Women

Confidence GapThe recent article published in the Atlantic on “The Confidence Gap”  is just another example of the Left’s silent war on women under the guise of Feminism. According to this article, the number one reason women continue to fail in breaking through the glass ceiling is their own lack of self-confidence.

Just look at what one of the authors said about herself, which is her “public profile in America was thanks to her English accent.”

Where would her confidence be had she spoken been born with a Southern accent, instead of an accent attributed wrongly to intelligence?

The entire article explains that women in general predict they will do worse on tests, get past over for hard-fought promotions, and do not see validity to their own worthiness.  All this can be summed up with women’s maternal instincts, ergo women don’t have confidence because women are women.

Even though none of that is the fault of men, don’t think that stopped them from blaming men.

My question is, with all this going against us, how do women succeed? I often wonder if the people studying a subject actually study the subject. For example, instead of surveying women who haven’t succeeded, they should see the observational evidence of the women who are successful, and ask them what’s holding them back.

Even feminist Lily Tomlin seems have learned her lesson, as indicated here:

Though Lily may have learned where to put the blame, the feminist solution continues to be to make men into women.

The emasculation of men has been occurring for some time, but apparently men just keep on succeeding. I guess men just don’t pay attention to studies that say they just can’t make it; they just keep doing it.

In that respect, I join my Conservative sisters in being all man.




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