The Frederick Douglass Republican Movement (Video)

Frederick Douglass

For decades the chief influencers of the black community have been the race-hustlers such as Al Sharpton. But the words and actions of Frederick Douglas are bringing about a revival.


One preacher in that awakening is KCarl Smith, a black Conservative speaking out and empowering blacks AND whites to be indefatigable and courageous with the positive message of true Conservatism.

KCarl describes himself as “…an unyielding defender of the constitution and liberty. Inspired by the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers…”

“We’re having a difficult time getting people to join the ranks of the Conservative movement. The problem is propaganda. The Left does a masterful job of discrediting us.”

“Frederick Douglass is the bridge over the abyss of racism and class warfare that’s being created by the Left”

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Frederick Douglass said:

I am a black, died-in-the-wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

The 4 life empowering values of Frederick Douglass:

    1. Respect for the US Constitution
    2. Respect for life
    3. Belief in limited government
    4. Belief in personal responsibility

Nadra Enzi:

Here was a chance to take an historic figure that the Left has claimed, and use him to unite America, instead of providing people with excuses to not perform. If he could achieve — coming straight out of slavery — what excuse do we have today?

With his Frederick Douglass Republican Movement, KCarl promotes the message of Conservatism, irrespective of skin color: Frederick must surely be applauding.

Declaration Snippet Frederick Douglass


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