Good Samaritan sacrifices car to stop thief

If you haven’t seen this joy ride, it’s worth a look, particularly the outcome.

Teens have been stealing cars since the invention of cars, so it’s nothing new about this. However this 14-year old seemed to not care less about the potential for harm he might do to the kids playing in the park, where he decided to play Dukes of Hazard.

If I hadn’t been told this, I would have thought this was Obama driving America’s car out of the ditch, and decided to mow down people playing in the park.




As reported by The Daily Mall

The unnamed 14-year-old Sunset boy stole his grandfather’s Hyundai Veloster and sped through a packed park before a good samaritan brought the fun to an crashing halt by ramming the car with his pickup truck.

Bryson Rowley told KSTU that he heard about the speeding car while listening to the local police scanner through a smartphone app and intentionally rammed it with his truck.

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