Justin Bieber is no Donny Osmond

Justin Bieber is no Donny Osmond. Because if he were, there would be hell to pay for what Justin did five years ago, when he pulled a Paula Deen.

In fact, if Justin Bieber didn’t have his “black thug wannabe” image, and was instead the wholesome Donny Osmond, Bieber would be the Donald Sterling of the music industry.

Thankfully, Bieber is just another Leftist.

One of my best friends, Dave Perkins penned: I’d like to be the first to welcome Justin Bieber into the Tea Party.

Clearly, there is much Tea Party dog whistle conservatism in his casual conversation? That’s a clever way of saying, “Is that dude a RACIST!”


Justin Bieber has now had his “Paula Deen moment,” and it wasn’t in court, surprisingly. No, Justin’s racial faux pas came 5 years ago, when he was a mere teen. Sounds like an honest mistake of a kid who was just fooling about. Perhaps. But these are learned behavior. Bieber was just doing what Leftists do.

As Dave put it:

That is where the real, genuine, contemptuous, arrogant racism is burrowed in, folks…Bieber was young when he did this joke, but he was already rich and popular, surrounded by leftists, repeating what he was hearing in the “in” crowd and from his (Canadian) parents. He didn’t grow up on a PLANTATION and learn how to talk that way from WHITE CRACKAS IN THE SOUTH, folks.

I suspect that Justin Bieber has other potential Donald Sterling-like revelations that could surface. But now that Justin is actually trying to be black, perhaps he feels he has made his racial recompense.

Justin chose the right path to be able to get a pass from political incorrectness. Bow at the altar of Liberalism, and you are sin free.

Go forth and sin some more!

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