Watch this bear stalk the guy filming him (video)

Here is your nightmare: being stalked by a grizzly bear! And that’s exactly what this video shows, and the guy being stalked is FILMING IT!

I’m not sure if this guy was trying to find out if bears really do crap in the woods, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


I don’t have to tell you that the guy behind the camera is a white guy, because black people do not film our imminent death!

Since the video abruptly ends, a la The Blair Witch Project, I’m not sure if the camera was found by somebody else, and they decided “no harm no foul,” since dude is dead. But if dude survived this attack, kudos to this Rambo.

By the way, if you did notice the STICK, just know that it wouldn’t be a whole lot of help, since elk have two sets of “sticks,” and are regular meals of grizzly bears. Too bad the guy didn’t have pepper spray, or a bear-stopping firearm.




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