Leftists know how to kill and LOVE IT!

What Leftists won’t tell you is how much they enjoy killing. They say that Conservatives are war mongers, and gun nuts, yet the Left kills in amazing numbers, daily.

Look at the crime blotters around the country, and you will see Leftism’s handiwork, particularly when it comes to murder.

And the Left don’t need a reason to kill, as they have moral relativity on their side. If they want your car and kill you for it, you should have a possession that puts your life at risk. And if confronted, do not put the possession over your life.

Another example?

For the Left, if you can’t find a babysitter and you want to party, just kill the child.

So when I read that the daughter of a pro-abortionist killed her 3 year old daughter, I was not surprised.

3-year old child Emma Jean Krueger was abused and finally killed by her parents. She is the murdered granddaughter of the late Candy Krueger, pro-abortionist who died in 2005.

The parents of Emma Jean are now in jail facing 1st-degree murder charges. Here is more on the story from the UK Guardian:

A Wichita childcare worker and her boyfriend have been charged with murdering the woman’s three-year-old daughter, who police believe had been beaten for weeks before her death.

Monica Krueger, 24, and Evan Schuessler, 23, were arrested on child abuse charges after her daughter Emma Krueger was rushed to hospital last week.

They have now been charged with first degree murder and are each being held on $150,000 bond, The Wichita Eagle has reported.

Sounds to me like Candy Krueger should have practiced what she preached and aborted the child who would eventually kill her grandbaby. But then again, that would imply that a baby-killer actually cares about children.

Candy Krueger died at the age of 51, possibly of suicide. The Left endorses the killing of children, but they rarely follow the outcomes, so we may never know how devastating abortion may be to the women who have them.

But the next time a Leftist tells you that something they are doing is “for the children,” remind them of what they actually do to children.

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